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CIU Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan based electronics engineering company, specializes in providing high-end electronic communication and investigation equipment, for the security community around the world. Our engineer team has more than 20 years of experience in producing security and counter-surveillance equipment for critical missions and applications and the engineer team can provide the most professional solutions for each client. Our mission is to provide high-quality, comprehensive security products and solutions for Home, Law enforcement and Intelligence agencies worldwide. Each product of CIU is working closely with specialist users worldwide and each product is mostly designed and “Made-in-Taiwan”. We have extensive experience in designing customized products and providing complete solutions for almost any security requirement. According to government requirements, we have successful designed CEN-02 Skysafe VIP SecureCall which is a Military-Grade Encryption Chip, the Pro3 Police UV IR Detector Camera, CTR-540 Long Live Police GPS Tracker and Vehicle Cell Phone Jammers. If you have any ODM/OEM inquiries, please contact with us, we look forward to discussing your specific requirements in details.

Customized Prison 3G 4G LTE Cell Phone Detector Supplier - CIU Co., Ltd.

CIU always keep a close eye on the overall production process ensuring that international norms of manufacturing are ethically followed. Customized Wall Mount Detection System with high sensitivity detector for High tech cheating, exams, prison or cell-phone-prohibited area. CIU supplies with different type of cell phone detector, we have handheld 4G detector, wall mount smart watch detector and others RF signal detector. Our customized phone detector has adjustable sensitivity. user able to change the sensitivity of detector. More details, please check with professional cell phone detector maker CIU Co., Ltd.
Wall-Mounted Detector Against Mobile Phone Cheating - этот селективный индикатор поля предназначен для обнаружения в ближней зоне и определения местоположения радиопередающих устройств, использующихся для негласного съема видеоинформации, прослушки.Customized Prison 3G 4G LTE Cell Phone Detector Supplier - CIU Co., Ltd. отреагирует на выход сотового телефона в эфир даже на очень короткое время. Защит мобильных устройств в вашем кармане.

Prison, Anti-Exams Cheating mobile phone banning security solution


Wall-Mounted Detector Against Mobile Phone Cheating

Prison, Exams mobile device security solution

CIU offers Wall Mount type 4G 3G LTE 2G GSM Mobile Phone Signal Detector with customized frequency.
Wall Mount Type Cell Phone Detection Solution is design to sweep and send alert to control center of unauthorized or illegal smartphone, smart swatch, cell phone in Prisons, Exams, Government Buildings and meeting room. 

Prison and Exams Cell Phone Detection System provides customized frequency band and user- friendly alarm type (voice, light or connect with control center via TCP/IP). We take care of local radiation safety requirements into account, so Prison and Exams security solution is design to install cellular detection in several rooms to detect any attempt to use a mobile phone service to make or receive calls. The detector detects signal and control center is able to identify and locate contraband cellular phones in restricted areas.

Students are using smart spy device to cheat in exams, cheating goes high tech. Our Wall Mount type 4G 3G 2G Phone Detector can prevent illegal mobile phone in cell phone restricted area. 
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CIU Co., Ltd.’s customized prison 3G 4G LTE cell phone detector is designed to deliver the assurance of quality to our customers that come from focused, innovative engineering and manufacturing. Our products have always been known for quality, reliability and solid performance, making CIU Co., Ltd. becomes the most specified brand in the customized prison 3G 4G LTE cell phone detector business. To make sure you get the best possible performance for the money, we’re constantly testing our tools throughout the design and manufacturing processes.